I will show you black leather
and you will see 1.000 colours in it
I will put you in short chains
and you will feel endlessly free...

Dominance can not be learned, it is in the genes!

Each day is a payment day and one will be yours! This craving comes unexpected, out of the blue. When you can only think of Me, every thought makes you shiver and your inner self realizes that you are mine, then you are the next. MAYBE ALREADY TODAY!

As I want it all, I get it all. This does not only relate to your ridiculous salary, but also to your heart, your soul and your body.

I am neither a bitch nor a Princess. I am just a grown Woman who knows exactly what life has to offer, how it works and, above all, to lead you into total dependence. You are born to serve, to function according to My needs, and to adapt to My tempers. You are not stupid, but it is finally time for you to accept that your craving is not an illness. It is your true calling, slave!
Would you otherwise be here?

What you get from me? My attention and through that My energy. Energy always follows attention. Think about it!
I will form you according to my needs making you happy or unhappy, rich or poor just to finally get what I deserve.

You will love My natural sadism looking into My piercing eyes. Again and again you will visit My website, stare at My photos and videos before you feel the eternal craving to serve and obey Me.

Over the years BDSM has turned into My lifestyle which is why I deem it very important to personally know all My slaves and train them in real life.

I do not need to shout at you here and now. You know best that you are a pathetic worm, a worthless pig, and a laughing stock.

Should you ever dare to disappoint Me, you will probably understand for the first time in your life what a truly broken heart feels like, after you have lost Me.

Are you ready for this world of power and submission?

© Mistress Maria 2018

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